TUPELO, MS – At an hour long meeting between food truck owners and city officials Tuesday, the consensus was that some kind of of official regulation for the food vendors needed to be on the books.

Just how much regulation, if any, is yet to be determined.

Billed as strictly a listening session between the groups, the meeting was mostly cordial. Certain issues – potential zones where food trucks would be allowed to do business, for example – were met with some derision.

Overall, however, both sides seemed satisfied by the meeting.

“From what I heard, they feel like they want to be regulated for their protection, provided they’re not too burdensome and put them out of business,” said City Councilman Markel Whittington. “And we don’t want that. All we want is if one food truck is complaining about another food truck and we’ve got some mechanism in place to inspect that truck, that there’s some guideline to follow.”

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