If you are interested in helping Chef McCoy, a gofundme.com page has been set up [here]

JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO – Police are trying to determine who stole a truck from a man who planned to use it as a way to help troubled teens.

Chef John McCoy’s 24-foot long food truck was stolen from outside his home near Hillsboro. It was later found in Cedar Hill less than 12 hours after it was stolen. McCoy said the truck has sentimental value for him because his grandfather bought it for him.

“I left at 8 in the morning and came back at 9 and it was gone,” said McCoy. “I didn’t think I’d find it or get it back. It was gone. I thought someone took to East St. Louis to a chop shop or something, completely scrapped.”

McCoy and his fiancé have spent thousands of dollars equipping the truck to be a food truck. McCoy had hoped to open the food truck for business during the summer. His goal is to help troubled teens. He said he was a troubled teen, but cooking put him on the right path.

“It saved my life, without it I don’t know what I’d be doing,” said McCoy.

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