MONTGOMERY, AL – Don’t move, state workers. New food options are coming to you.

After three years of planning, food trucks have been approved — on a limited scale — for downtown Montgomery. Montgomery City Council approved the ordinance that will designate five spaces for food truck use Tuesday.

Three of the five spaces will be located in the former State House Inn parking lot at North Jackson Street and Madison Avenue. The other two spots will be located at the corner of North Jackson Street and Pelham Street at the southwest corner of the Gordon Persons building, according to city Senior Planner Lynda Wool who crafted the ordinance along with her team of planners.

“We’ve been working on this for over three years trying to get food trucks,” Wool said. “We’ve had different ideas, but we felt the best thing we could was allow them to be mobile. That’s the whole thing about it. They can go to different places, attract different customers and expose people to different kinds of foods.”

How far they can go is limited, however, as the city evaluates what Director of General Services Steve Jones called a “beta test” of food trucks in Montgomery.

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