Cities across the globe are continuing to review their existing laws regarding mobile food vending. The latest isn’t from a major metro area, it comes from Mulberry, Florida who has a population of just over 3,000 people.

MULBERRY, FL — Mulberry’s growing list of community events has captured the attention of food truck vendors, prompting city administrators to begin drafting some standards to regulate them.

City Manager Rick Johnson said there’s nothing in the city’s ordinances that prohibits food trucks from setting up in the city, but nothing that allows them either.

He suggested to commissioners that the city establish a policy that regulates the mobile food vendors.

“This will put in some restrictions so we can at least know who they are,” he said.

City Commissioner Andy Scrocca said he’d support a $25 registration fee for food vendors, and Johnson’s suggestion that the city limit the number of times they can set up in Mulberry.

“So they can’t park it and just stay there,” Johnson said.

State law requires food truck vendors to be licensed through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Johnson said the city will ensure that vendors coming into Mulberry hold a state license.

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