A fantastic way to incorporate food trucks into an unused space. We can understand why they may not want trucks that compete with their existing tenants, but in time, we can see this restriction changing.

NAPA, CA – Napans seem to like the idea of a food truck roundup, but no one has been able to figure out where such a gathering could be located.

The Gasser Foundation has a solution. The foundation recently submitted an application for a city use permit to establish a temporary food truck “corral” at a vacant pad in the South Napa Century Center.

“We are continuing to look at different restaurant options for the center,” said project spokesman Joe Fischer. “Until we get those spaces built out and restaurants in place, we thought it would be a good idea to have some options at the theater available now.”

The Gasser Foundation is the developer of the commercial center.

A temporary food truck court would feature four to five trucks. It would include lighting, tables, trash bins, access for people with disabilities, hand-washing facilities, restrooms, ground cover and shade structure. Beer or wine may be served. Days and times would depend on season and demand, said Fischer.

Even though the food truck corral would be considered a temporary use, “we wanted to do it in a compelling way — a defined area with some thought put into the kind of environment. It should be a welcoming, fun place to sit, order, eat, and socialize,” said Fischer.

With city approval, “We will refine the execution details, then identify food truck partners that we think are a fit,” he said. “We have had interest from a couple of operators,” but no names have been announced.

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