NASHVILLE, TN – The Metro Nashville Police Department held a special security seminar to help food truck owners prevent break-ins and robberies.

South Precinct officers have been tracking burglaries for several months, and food trucks across Nashville are on notice.

“Several months ago, we started noticing an increase in robberies and burglaries of food trucks,” South Precinct Commander Paul Trickey said. “We wanted to have a crime prevention seminar to talk to individuals to help them help prevent them from becoming a victim of a crime.”

The meeting in south Nashville focused on vendors in the Murfreesboro Pike and Nolensville Road area, but vendors representing trucks from other parts of Nashville participated.

During the seminar, the police made suggestions about enhanced security features and everyday changes to make the trucks safer and more secure.

“Don’t leave tip money inside of a business at night. Try to change over to credit card transactions instead of cash were a couple of suggestions,” Commander Trickey said. “No one wants to be the victim of a crime, so with this it will help them see things they can do.”

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