The recently launched National Food Truck Association has partnered with RED to help the Global Fund to Fight AIDS from June 1st through June 10th.


From June 1 – June 10, dining establishments ranging from Food Trucks to Michelin rated restaurants to food markets are being invited to participate in the largest combined food service fundraising campaign EVER! Renowned Chef MARIO BATALI is leading the charge in this year’s EAT (RED). DRINK (RED). SAVE LIVES. campaign, for the benefit of (RED) (, a non-profit organization started in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver to engage the private sector in supporting the Global Fund and AIDS programs in Africa.

(RED), the newly formed National Food Truck Association ( YOU to join this INC(RED)IBLE culinary movement, generating money for AIDS treatments and positive press and exposure for ALL food trucks nationwide.

HOW do you participate in EAT (RED). DRINK (RED). SAVE LIVES?

There are five quick & simple steps to get started:

1. Think up an awesome (RED) menu item (food, drinks, dessert—skies the limit) to serve during the campaign. Can’t come up with one? It’s cool. Turn an existing dish (RED), turn plates and utensils (RED) or make a (RED) tip jar!

2. SIGN UP at Minimum donation is $10 per day ($100 total), but if your (RED) item exceeds the minimum, you can go to the site and give the contribution balance. We’re flexible like that!
3. Order your SQUA(RED) Reader at For every purchased reader, 97% of the proceeds go to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS!
4. Send a Tweet to your fellow food truck friends, letting them know you joined the campaign: “I’m hitting the road June 1-10, 2014 with @Mariobatali and @RED to #86AIDS and you should, too. Sign up at”

5. Once you sign up, (RED) will send you a “tool kit” with all the (RED) promotional and branding materials you need!

WHY should you participate in EAT (RED). DRINK (RED). SAVE LIVES?

1.     GREAT PRESS: Food trucks and the Food Truck Association will be promoted via Twitter, Facebook and various traditional media outlets. Press releases will be sent out to every major paper in the world directing media back to the regional contacts for great press and massive coverage of the food truck industry.

2.     DISCOUNTED PRODUCTS: Use beef? You will have access to a DISCOUNT on from a major meat purveyor, Pat “The Meat Man” LaFrieda, in partnership with Creekstone Farms on boneless short ribs, red burger blend or flat iron steak during the campaign.

3.     SOME GOOD OL’ FASHIONED COMPETITION: Matt Geller, CEO of the Southern California Mobile Food Vending Association and founder of the National Food Truck Association (that will be launched PUBLICLY during the campaign), is sponsoring a ‘friendly’ national competition between all of the food truck associations coast to coast, with (RED) keeping tabs of the results and money raised. Prizes will be revealed as the campaign nears!

4.     AN ADO(RED) CAUSE: YOU will be joining and featured alongside talented and world-renowned chefs, restaurants, bars, bakeries, food franchises, food markets, retailers, foodie blogs & publications and SO many more in what will be the LARGEST movement for good in culinary history. Trust us— you’re not going to want to miss this.