HOLLY SPRINGS, NC – Holly Springs business owner Nic Baliva’s promises are big. He’ll get your food truck on the road. But food truck entrepreneurs tell us once Baliva gets the money, he doesn’t fulfill the contracts.

We first told you about Baliva’s empty promises in February. Four different food truck owners gave Baliva large deposits, yet Baliva never completed their food trucks. In February, Baliva told me he’s no longer in business, looking for a job, and would repay 100 percent of his debts.

Shortly after our story aired in February, Baliva opened a fourth food truck building company called Premier Food Trucks. He not only opened a shop in Chapel Hill, but across the country in Reno, Nevada.


Elizabeth Kerr had finally saved up enough money to start her business. But since hiring Nic Baliva of Premier Food Trucks to design her food truck, her dreams have been put on hold.

“He basically just installed material that we had already provided,” Kerr said. “It’s not painted or wrapped,”

Kerr and her fiance, Brandon, paid Baliva a $5,800 deposit to build her dream food truck. She said all she got in return was a headache.

“Time wasted,” she said. “I mean the whole purpose of being up here was so we could get on the road quicker. And you know, with his guarantee of ten days.”

But after ten days, Baliva had not completed the project.

“The only thing he actually accomplished was, he did put some aluminum on the ceiling,” she said.

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