SYLVA, NC – Town planners in Sylva will address the growing number of food trucks soon, and how to regulate them.

Right now, they fall under general business rules, but their mobility brings up specific issues, like where they can go without obstructing pedestrians, and how long they can stay in one place.

Conventional business owners say they’re all for free enterprise, but they call for reasonable rules.

“As a merchant that owns a business that has a concrete, static location, I certainly don’t want one parking in front of my restaurant,” Lulu’s on Main owner Mick McCardle said. “Regulation-wise, they need to adhere to the same codes and restrictions etc. that we do and be inspected.”

“We have these festivals, Bridge Park on Fridays. And we have the food trucks on the 4th of July down there. And so we’re already kind of putting food trucks in downtown Sylva,” says Mad Batter Food and Film owner Jeanette Evans. “I would agree that….perhaps limiting parking along Main Street.”

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