EAGLE, NE – People who bike from Lincoln to Eagle on the MoPac East Trail won’t get their nachos from the One Eyed Dog Saloon anymore, but they might be able to get Asian fusion or barbecue.

The Eagle Village Board voted last week to allow food trucks in the village by waiving an itinerant sales permit — similar to a peddler’s fee — for a trial period through Dec. 31.

Dan Buckley is selling the saloon after running it for 11 years, and asked the board to waive the $25 fee it typically charges for a seven-day permit.

He hopes to stay in business until he sells and said it’s tough to hire cooks when a new owner could take over at any time.

“So, we closed up the kitchen and came up with the idea of these food trucks,” he said.

Buckley and Village Clerk Nick Nystrom said there are no places to eat other than convenience stores in the town of 1,000 about 10 miles east of Lincoln.

The saloon is a popular stopping place for 250 to 300 cyclists who do the Nacho Ride from Lincoln to Eagle on Tuesdays in May through October.

Heoya, a food truck that offers Asian fusion, was in town Tuesday.

“It went really good,” Buckley said. “The guy from Heoya was really happy. He will be back next week.”

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