SPRINGFIELD, MO – Fans of British pasties, Navajo tacos and duck confit fries, you can relax. As it turns out, Springfield’s food truck park is not expected to close anytime soon.

But one food truck, Chef Baldee’s Pizza, has shut down for the winter and plans to relocate to Kansas City. After almost two years of talks, the city of Springfield reached a compromise with the park’s landlord and its independent food trucks that will allow the trucks to comply with sanitary sewer regulations.

“Since that time the food truck vendors have expressed an interest to deal with the grease issue on an individual basis,” city Director of Building Services Chris Straw told the News-Leader in an email Thursday.

“We have been working with the individual food trucks directly to resolve the grease issue that each vendor creates.”

“Since the food truck park was originally established,” according to an internal city memo dated Oct. 10, the trucks had been illegally dumping greasy water directly into the city sewers.

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