BALTIMORE, MD – A new food truck park is located at the old Hollywood Diner. It’s only in its second week and already business is picking up.

The Gypsy Queens are used to serving up food on the go, and with the new food truck park, they’ll have a permanent place to do it. Baltimore’s new food truck park.

“For my business, I think it’s easy for people to park. It’s centrally located and I think it’ll bring people together, and I think it’ll boost my business,” said Annmarie Langton, with Gypsy Queen Food Truck.

The park is the brainchild of The Gathering Project. Damien Bohage said every major city has a food truck park and it’s time Baltimore residents get theirs.

The park is leasing the old Hollywood Diner lot from the city, parking the trucks outside and using the building as a place to sit down and eat. They have big plans for the entire space.

“We’re going to rejuvenate not only the diner, but we’re going to take the footprint of the property around the diner and create a true park with planter boxes, landscaping, a kids zone, a gaming area, outside bar, outside TVs, so you can come down and not only enjoy the food truck, but enjoy yourself outside on a Friday or Saturday night,” Bohage said.

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