cinnamon snail

HOBOKEN, NJ – After a few weeks of revisions, the city council will re-introduce the new food truck law.

The Hoboken City Council is re-introducing a food truck ordinance at Wednesday night’s meeting, which includes the choice of a four-day or a seven-day permit and requires vendors to install a Global Positioning System in their trucks.

Food truck owners have expressed their opposition to the sharp increase in cost. Currently the vendors pay $500. Under the new law, a four-day permit will be $1,600 and a seven-day permit will be $2,500 annually. The permits grant the vendors certain privileges, such as the right to park at a two-hour spot for four hours.

Adam Sobel, owner of vegan truck The Cinnamon Snail has announced he will be leaving Hoboken, as will Joe Glaser, owner of dessert truck La Bella Vita.

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