LANCASTER, PA – A fire broke out inside a food truck in Lancaster city early Thursday evening, causing about $3,000 damage, authorities said. The truck, La Chercha, was parked near a fire station and firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze quickly.

Neighbors spotted the burning truck at 6 p.m. near Plum and King streets, less than half a mile east of Penn Square, and quickly rang the doorbell at the nearby fire station. Flames were visible exiting the cooking vent on the roof of the truck.

The fire was quickly extinguished after firefighters broke into the locked truck. The owner, David Taveras, said he had started the grill at the back end of the truck and then left to buy supplies. Taveras stated he was only gone 15 minutes. He said he just purchased the truck last week.

The cause of the fire was traced to the area of the grill. The cause is under investigation.

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