NEW HAVEN, CT – Mobile food vendors in New Haven will weigh in on the city’s proposals to revise the rules and guidelines for their industry at a public hearing Thursday night at City Hall.

Jimmy Khalid owns six Ali Baba’s Fusion food carts in New Haven.

“I’m in this business,” he said, “when we were just a few carts used to be around in the whole city.”

With the food truck business now booming in the Elm City, Deputy Economic Development Director Steve Fontana has spent several years compiling new rules to regulate the industry, including license fees for vendors to reserve their own spots.

“What they hate doing is driving around in circles looking for a place to park,” Fontana said, “or not knowing someone is going to take the spot they thought was theirs the next day.”

The proposed yearly feed fee for push carts or stands is $1,000. It is $2,500 for food trucks or trailers. Vendors on Long Wharf will be charged $500 for electricity.

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