TUCKERTON, NJ – A local business lay in ruins Saturday after a pre-dawn explosion blamed on a propane gas leak obliterated a roadside food trailer.

There were no injuries, but little remained of the Fuggettoboutit Lunch Wagon at North Green Street and Railroad Avenue besides twisted pieces of debris. The scene lent a somber irony to the business’ name: A few items were being salvaged, it appeared, but not much else.

A preliminary investigation by the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, working in conjunction with the borough’s police and fire departments, points to propane gas flowing through an oven which ignited when a refrigerator recycled.

The resulting explosion, shortly before 4:40 a.m., could be heard as far as two miles away and shattered windows in at least eight homes in the neighborhood, Borough Police Chief Michael Caputo said. Heavy double doors from the trailer, each weighing about 100 pounds, were sent flying across North Green Street, he said. The two-lane roadway remained closed for about five hours.

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