LONDON, ONTARIO – Future food truck operators in London may be required to buy a GPS device, and open their wallet wide for a license.

London’s Community and Protective Services Committee will review a list of proposed restrictions on Wednesday that would dictate how, when, and where food trucks could operate.

According to a staff report up for debate Wednesday afternoon, only eight mobile eateries would be allowed on city streets this year as part of a pilot project — expected to begin in time for summer. They’d have to stay 100 metres away from schools, and special events — and 25 metres away from restaurants, homes, and apartments. They would not be allowed to stay in the same spot for longer than 24 hours.

Food truck operators would also be prohibited from operating between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m.

That’s similar to what was proposed when council previously reviewed the issue last spring.

What’s different this time is around, however, is a recommendation from city staff to increase the licensing fee — and mandate the installation of  GPS devices on all food trucks, at the operators cost, to ensure they are following the rules.

An initial licensing fee of $3,565 has been proposed, making it one of the most expensive in the province. Only food truck operators in Toronto, who pay $5,067, are asked to dish out more.

Last year, staff recommended a licensing fee of $1,227 which was later raised to $2,865 by the old council.

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