FARMINGTON, NM – The City Council is scheduled to hear a presentation Tuesday about establishing an application and permit process for mobile food vendors to operate in city parks.

A current city ordinance requires operators of food, catering or vending trucks to obtain prior approval from the parks and recreation department before conducting business in a city park, city parking lot at a park or other recreational facility.

The presentation to the council would outline the reasons for establishing standardized guidelines and processes for food trucks to use city parks and recreational facilities as vending locations.

Under the proposal, vendors would have to apply for a “commercial park use permit” from the city, which would allow them to operate in a specific location while the park remains open for public usage.

Vendors would also pay a set fee to conduct business during activities such as outdoor concerts, public classes or special events.

The proposal also outlines topics such as the hours when vendors could operate and deadlines for permit applications.

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