NEW ORLEANS, LA – Food Truck Operators are planning their remote Super Bowl strategy. They had hoped changes to a city ordinance would allow them better access to sell their wares, but the process to amend the food truck law has only just begun.

NOLA food trucks

New Orleans City Council President Stacy Head has introduced proposed changes that would change the food truck ordinance. If passed:

  • The number of food truck permits would go from 100 to 200.
  • Trucks would be allowed to park for 4 hours instead of 45 minutes at a time.
  • The buffer zone from restaurants would go from 600 feet to 50 feet.

Some restaurant owners argue the changes wound allow food truck vendors to cut into their profits.

But one restaurant owner who has gone on record speaking against the proposed changes supports the use of food trucks during special events.

“I think when the city has special events like Sugar Bowl, Super Bowl, National Championship, Mardi Gras — this is a huge amount of people that come in the hundreds of thousands and that’s when a good truck is necessary. I’m completely for it. I think the city should allow them to be in the CDB and capture some of the business,” said Ruben Laws.

The proposed changes are still under consideration in city council.

The issue will not come to a vote until late February.