theos pizza signNEW ORLEANS, LA – For some food truck operators, their rolling restaurants are a first step towards opening a “brick and mortar” operation. Theo’s Neighborhood Pizza, which has three area outlets, took the opposite route. In next few weeks, the purveyor of pizzas with cracker crisp crusts will roll out a food truck.

“I spent a decent amount of time in Austin,” said Jammer Orintas, one of Theo’s owners, “and I love going to the food trucks. Nobody was doing pizza in the city. I thought there was a void.”

Orintas bought an old FedEx truck, which is currently being outfitted with a full kitchen by a Florida company. The truck will even hold a 2,000-pound oven identical to the one at Theo’s Magazine Street location.

“We want to do it exactly like Theo’s pizza,” he said.

On the truck, Theo’s will sell three different pizzas by the slice along with a salad and a meatball sandwich.

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