NEW YORK, NY – Food carts might soon be required to receive of a letter grade from the Department of Health in New York City.

Karen Koslowitz of Queens introduced the bill to the city council of New York City this February, but it only came under consideration during a city council health committee hearing yesterday. Councilwoman Koslowitz argued during the hearing that food carts that lack the A-F rating system given to restaurants are a “health problem that has to be addressed now.”

The city council added her bill to a package that included measures to improve overall food vendor safety, and better regulate the industry.

Michael Cohen, legislation and communications director at Councilwoman Koslowitz’s office, told me that the some of the other proposed bills would increase the number of permits given to food vendors annually – a measure that would be a huge relief for many vendors who must operate under a shady “black market system” by paying rent to the few permit holders at exorbitant rates – as well as give out permits for specific locations throughout the city.

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