ROCHESTER, NY – Food truck manufacturer M Design Vehicles is being sued in California for $200,000 by a San Diego company that claims M Design delivered a defective food truck.

Owned by the husband-and-wife team of Ian MacDonald and Maggie Tobin, M Design has ridden the wave of popularity of food trucks and is the largest manufacturer of the vehicles in the Rochester area. It has a showroom on Emerson Street and builds the trucks in Rochester and Buffalo. Among its recent projects is a motorless indoor food truck for Penfield’s WhichCraft Brews.

The California complaint states the Burton Restaurants, a Dunkin Donuts franchisee in San Diego, retained M Design to build a custom food truck. The truck was to be used in San Diego County and M Design promised to build to county, health and fire standards in that area.

M Design delivered the food truck late and with numerous defects, the complaint states. When Burton representatives notified MacDonald that the truck did not conform to local standards, MacDonald traveled to San Diego and hired a food truck repair business to resolve the issues. MacDonald left a deposit with the repair business, but failed to pay the business for the balanced owe, the complaint stated. Burton was required to pay the balance to get its truck released.

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