Are you looking to save some money in your food truck business? Are you a person that is interested in helping do your part in stopping or slowing climate change? Here’s a story about a New York food truck owner that has found a way to do both. How? Simple, he operates a food truck that has a kitchen that is completely operated on solar and wind power.

SOUTHERN TIER, NY – They’re authentic Italian, wood-fired oven pizzas and all of their ingredients come from local gardens.

“The pizza was fantastic. Probably some of the best I’ve had,” said Wayne Austin, The Pi Truck Customer.

But that’s not why The Pi Truck is making an impression on neighbors.

“People really are receptive to the idea of the solar and the wind powered aspect of the truck,” said Sam Maggio, The Pi Truck Owner.

That’s right, the food truck is run entirely by solar and wind energy.

That means their generator and all of their appliances run electricity-free.

Owner Sam Maggio, a big advocate of renewable energy, wanted to do his part in helping the planet.

“Let’s move away from the old paradigm of fossil fuels. And the way to do it is to take action. And this Pi truck is definitely one of those actions,” said Maggio.

His hope is that this action will inspire other businesses in the community to move in the same direction.

“There’s a phenomenon, when people see others having solar panels, they’re much more likely to adopt it and they’re much more likely to get excited by it,” said Maggio.

And because he’s not buying gas for the generators, he says he’s actually saving money by investing in this truck.

“We actually are saving between $500 and $1000 a month,” he said. “So it’s actually a significant cost reduction to go with solar and wind.”

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