Born out of a sales strategy, the Costco Food Court offers members good quality food at a very affordable price to attract customers into their warehouses. Costco offers a stripped down, but mighty menu consisting of pizza, hot dogs, and ice cream among a handful of other items. Cheese, pepperoni, and supreme pizzas are the most popular menu items and make Costco Food Court the highest volume pizza operation in the United States.

Would you believe that their hotdogs have stayed at $1.50 since 1984 as well? I don’t know how they do it. Despite record high food inflation, the companies CEO has confirmed in a recent interview with CNBC the price is not going up. Not surprisingly this is the 2nd most popular item on the menu. 

To order food at the Costco Food Court there’s no waiting in line at most locations. Instead you swipe your membership card, place an order, and pay at a kiosk. Then listen for your assigned order number and show your receipt at the food court window. From there, you can just pick up your food and eat it right away at seating located inside or outside the store depending on location. Here’s the up-to-date Costco menu prices for 2024.

Costco Pizza Menu

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Costco Cheese Pizza Slice$1.99
Costco Pepperoni Pizza Slice$1.99
Costco Whole 18” Cheese Pizza$9.95
Costco Whole 18” Pepperoni Pizza$9.95

Costco Party Trays and Platters

Menu ItemInclusionsSize/QuantityPrice
Croissant Sandwich Platterserves 16-20$32.99
Chicken & Swiss Rollersserves 20-24$32.99
Shrimp Platterserves 20-24$39.99
Meat & Cheese Platterserves 16-20$26.99
Prawn PlatterComes With Cocktail SauceServes 8 People$49.98
Sushi PlatterSalmon, Spicy Tuna, Crispy Chicken And Vegetable TempuraServes 24 People$36.99
Buffalo Wings Platter (Chilled)Comes With Blue Cheese DripServes 15 People$41.97
Costco Vegetable TrayCarrots, Broccoli, Grape Tomatoes, Snow Peas4 Lbs$10.79

Costco Deli Platters And Deli Trays

Menu ItemInclusions/VariationsSize/QuantityPrice
Assorted Hye Roller PlatterBeef & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese, Tomato & Cheese, Ham & Cheese40 Pieces$39.99
Turkey & Swiss Roller WrapsTurkey & Swiss Wraps40 Pieces$29.99

Costco Dessert Trays And Fruit Platters

Menu ItemInclusions/VariationsSize/QuantityPrice
Decorated Sponge CakeChoose From White Or Chocolate Cake, With Raspberry Or Chocolate Filling And White Or Chocolate Whipping Cream IcingServes 48 (2×2 Inches)$27.98
Costco Fruit PlatterIncludes Seasonal FruitServes 24$10.99

Costco Special Occasion Sheet Cake

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Full Sheet
Double Layered$18.99

Costco Cakes Menu Prices

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Round Cake (Eg: Key Lime Cake)68 o.z$11.99
Costco Round Cheese Cake72 o.z$12.99
Costco Specialty Round Cake
(E.g: Topped With Strawberries)
76 o.z$16.99
Costco Cinnamon Butter Pound Cake44 o.z$6.99
Costco Bar Cake
(E.g: Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse, Fruit Topped Vanilla Mousse)
42 o.z$15.99

Costco Salads Menu Prices

Menu ItemSize/QuantityPrice
Ready Pac Chicken Queso Fresco Salad Bowl6.25 oz, 4 ct$13.59
Ready Pac Bistro Chicken & Guacamole Salad Bowl6.85 oz, 4 ct$14.59
Ready Pac Bistro Smoky Sunflower Crunch Salad Bowl6 oz, 4 ct$13.59
Costco Ready Pac Bistro Chicken Caesar Salad Bowl6.25 oz, 4 ct$13.59
Costco Organic Caesar Salad Kit24 oz$10.19
Ready Pac Bistro Santa Fe Style Salad Bowl6.25 oz, 4 ct$13.59
Costco Ready Pac Bistro Turkey & Bacon Cobb Salad Bowl7.25 oz, 4 ct$13.59
Costco Eat Smart Chopped Salad Kit, Sweet Kale14 oz, 2 ct$6.79
Costco Salad Mix5 lbs$6.19
Costco Reser’s Potato Salad5 lbs$7.49
Costco Reser’s Macaroni Salad5 lbs$7.99
Costco Azuma Gourmet Seaweed Salad28 oz$12.39
Costco Fresh & Ready Garlic Pesto Penne Pasta Salad9.5 oz, 6 ct$18.69
Costco Ready Pac Chopped Romaine Lettuce2 lbs$4.79
Costco Dole Tropical Fruit Salad, #10 can6 lbs 10 oz$4.79
Kirkland Signature Normandy-Style Vegetable Blend5.5 lbs$9.09
Costco Fresh & Ready Egg Salad on Wheat Sandwich5 oz, 6 ct$18.19

Costco Sandwiches Platters & Sandwich Trays Menu

Menu ItemInclusions/VariationsSize/QuantityPrice
Costco Sandwich PlatterChicken Mayo, Egg Mayo, Roast Beef & Cheese, Ham & CheeseServes 10 People$29.99
Costco Croissant Sandwich PlatterTurkey Breast, Ham, Roast BeefServes 10 People$29.99

Costco Hotdogs with a soft drink are still available for only $1.50 each. There are also Berry Smoothies available at some locations for $3.00 each. Ice Cream with Chocolate or Strawberry Sauce can be purchased for $3.00 – $4.00 Depending on location. The Latte/Mocha Freeze is also available at select locations for $3.00. 

Costco Brew & Smoothies

Menu ItemInclusions/VariationsSize/QuantityPrice
Cold Brew Mocha FreezeChoose From Cold Brew Iced Coffee,
Kirkland Signature
Colombian Beans,
Premium Chocolate
580 cal.$2.99
Fruit SmoothieChoose From 4 Servings of Fruit,
Strawberry, Blackberry, Acai,
No Artificial Flavors Or Colors
230 cal.$2.99

Costco Ice Cream

Menu ItemInclusions/VariationsSize/QuantityPrice
SundaeChoose From Vanilla Ice Cream,
Strawberry, or Chocolate Topping
650 - 690 cal.$2.49
CupChoose From Vanilla Ice Cream, or
Strawberry Ice Cream
550 cal.$1.99

Costco Cookies

Menu ItemInclusions/VariationsSize/QuantityPrice
Double Chocolate Chunk CookieServed Warm, All Butter, Bittersweet & Semi Sweet Chocolate750 cal.$2.49

FAQ’s About Costo’s Menu

What menu items have been discontinued at Costco?

Being a food court that offers a large menu including the food they sell from their grocery store, Costco is sure to have a long list of discontinued items. But here, we’ll be looking at 5 of the most missed Costco menu items that always attracted customers to sit and dine after a long haul at the cashier.

  1. Half-Sheet Cakes
  2. Parmigiano Reggiano Wedges
  3. Polish Dogs
  4. The combo pizza
  5. Kirkland Take and Bake Pizza

Post pandemic Costco also stripped down their menu items at select locations. One item removed from most locations was the beloved crank wheel that dispensed onions on hotdogs. I’ve heard many members claim they now take their hotdogs home and chop their own onions before enjoying.

Are there any discounts you can claim at Costco?

Costco Food Court does not have any discounts for seniors or students. As an Executive Member at Costco myself, I’ve never seen any limited time discounts at the food court. And that’s okay in my book. The prices are already low enough. 

How is the Costco Food Court Menu able to be so Cheap? 

A lot of people wonder how Costco is able to make money with their food court. And the reality is, they probably don’t make much of a return selling hot dogs and a drink for only $1.50. It all comes back to the business model of selling memberships to drive revenue. In fact, Costco generated a staggering $3.9 billion in memberships alone in 2021.

Costco offers a few different membership options ranging from $60 per year for Business and Gold Star options or Executive Level options for $120 per year. Perks like access to the food court, free in-store samples, low-priced gas and frequently changing inventory keep customers coming back and enrolling their membership each year. The current rate of renewal is an unheard of 91% in the United States and Canada.

From a personal standpoint, I live a few blocks away from a Costco and I would never let my membership lapse. I frequently shop at Costco not only for food items, but I also buy almost all of my gasoline there since I know it’s where I’ll find the best price. It’s clear that the millions of other Costco members feel the exact same way as me.

What are the most popular menu items at Costco?

Whether you’re grabbing a quick energy snack from all the shopping or you’ve worked overtime and need dinner ready pronto, Costco delivers with their easy prep meals. Customers time and time again can rely on the following menu items depending on the market. 

1. Chicken Caesar Salad

Salads from Costco aren’t 5-star level, that’s reality. But most salads taste the same whether it’s from a fast food joint or a Michelin-credited restaurant anyway. If it’s good then it’s great. Costco has various salad offerings for all preferences. Their Chicken Caesar Salad is arguably one of the most affordable and tasteful ones on their menu.

2. Turkey Provolone Sandwich

Want a turkey sandwich that tastes exactly like turkey? Then get the Turkey Provolone Sandwich. It is too savory for some but if you really love turkey meat or flavor, don’t pass up on this.

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3. BBQ Brisket Sandwich

Fast food sandwiches aren’t the most delectable options to get when you’re a foodie. But Costco’s BBQ Brisket Sandwich competes. The coleslaw that sits atop is surprisingly fresh and the buns are not that bad. If you like sweet BBQ flavor on beef go for this.

4. Hotdog

Costco’s hotdogs are super affordable. They look bland, pitiful, and just downright sad. However, in your mouth and stomach, they deliver. The hotdogs are warm, the buns are soft, and the toppings are straightforward. You can’t go wrong with a hotdog as a snack at Costco.

5. Pizzas

Costco has a lot to offer in its pizza department. Lots of toppings and flavors to choose from. They’re not the best pizza out there by any means. If you’re looking for an anniversary date night pizza dinner, don’t get Costco. But if you’re looking for a children’s sleepover midnight snack pizza, Costco is here. Costco pizzas are like a long-term relationship. It’s the little moments. The ordinary victories that their pizzas are worth and honestly, it’s exactly why Costco pizzas are the top selling items on the menu.

I know a lot of people who order these pizzas in advance for kids birthday parties or other occasions where a lot of people need to be fed. As a member, you can even call to order these pizzas ahead of time and pick them up. You can easily order 10 or more pizzas and have everything ready to pick up within only a few hours of placing the order. 

Is there a secret menu at Costco?

costco menu prices

Looking at the Costco menu.

Despite the rumors and many internet myths out there, Costco does not have a secret menu. You can join the masses, however, and create your own Costco food item by mixing different menu items. A hack, the internet calls it.

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An example would be Costco Taco. A hot dog in a pizza rolled in the form of a burrito and eaten like a taco. Yes, we know, very disgusting and confusing. But it exists! Try out some other Costco food “hacks” and see if you can create your own Costco secret menu.

Are there any Costco menu items for specialty diets?

Aside from its long list of salad and fruit dessert options, Costco does not care for specialty diets. At best, their menu items are best eaten on occasion. But if you find yourself stuck at Costco and in need of healthy munchies, check out below their low-calorie food offerings.

  1. Wild Frozen Blueberries
  2. The Kirkland Signature Oven Browned Turkey Breast
  3. Eat Smart Sweet Kale Gourmet Salad
  4. Wholly Guacamole Classic Guacamole Mini Cup
  5. Trident Seafoods Frozen Alaskan Salmon Burgers
  6. Dave’s Killer Bread
  7. Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers
  8. Kirkland Organic Pure Maple Syrup
  9. Kirkland Signature Creamy Almond Butter
  10. Kirkland Brown Rice & Quinoa Pouches with Amaranth and Garlic

Who is the target audience of Costco’s menu?

Obviously, Costco’s main target is to appeal to there value-minded membership that costs $60 annually for a Gold Membership and $120 for an Executive Membership card. Recently, Costco changed their rules only allowing members to access the food court. Previously, anyone could go on visit the food court even if they didn’t have a Costco membership. As a result, food court diners makeup any shopper that wants an affordable and convenient meal. 

Just because Costco appeals to consumers that are seeking value, doesn’t mean their members are considered low income. In fact, a report from Business Insider says the typical Costco customer is a 35 – 44 year-old Asian female making $125k+ in annual income. Only 15% of the warehouses total customer base is considered to be “getting by” or “poor.” It seems that even the most affluent members appreciate a good value.

At the time of writing there are more than 813 Costco warehouses around the world with more being added each year. The company employs close to $275,000 and is well known for better compensation and benefits than other warehouse retailers.