wendis-wagonNEWARK, NJ — When Wendi Wagner learned her mobile kitchen unit had been stolen, her heart broke.

While the small trailer might not have looked like much to passers-by, it meant the world to her.

It was her mother who had purchased the mobile kitchen for her. At the time, Wagner said she was taking a break from work after going nonstop for 12 years at Longaberger and spending a few years in a kitchen at Applebee’s. She needed some inspiration, so her mother intervened.

When she brought the trailer home, attached was a note that Wagner still has today. It reads, “Here it is. The start of your dream.”

Wagner started selling sandwiches out of the wagon, which she named Wendi’s Wagon & Catering, and to her surprise, it took off.

“We went through all the channels of life starting with nothing to get where we’re at today, and that wagon was a part of the start of our business. For that to be gone, it’s very devastating,” she said.

The trailer was stolen sometime this past weekend from Straight Line Auto, 1480 Hebron Road in Heath, where it was being stored, Wagner said. When workers arrived at the lot Monday, the trailer was gone.

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