CHARLOTTE, NC – Quarterback Cam Newton won the 2015 NFL MVP Award as he led the Carolina Panthers to Super Bowl 50. He spent his off season filming his Nickelodeon TV program “All in with Cam Newton.” And he stays busy with the charitable work of the Cam Newton Foundation.

But the former Auburn star has found time to add a food truck to his endeavors.  Smokn’ Aces will make its debut outside Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte on Sept. 18, when the Panthers play the San Francisco 49ers in the first home game on their 2016 NFL schedule.

Newton said the food truck will serve fish dishes, since he adheres to a pescatarian diet, and also will serve chicken. A pescatarian eats fish and seafood, but not other meats.

Newton told WCCB-TV in Charlotte he started the food truck because “I wanted to be closer to people,” but added he won’t be working in the truck. He’ll be “outside eating.”

The truck was painted by Mark Paul Deren, an artist who works under name MADSTEEZ. Earlier this year, Deren painted a picture of King Midas commissioned by Newton.

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