the-twilight-zoneNEW ORLEANS, LA – While New Orleans Food Trucks get closer to having legislation in place that will allow them into their downtown area to operate, the opponents of  City Councilwoman Stacy Head’s proposal still seem to be getting their information from the Twilight Zone.

According to

Paul Rotner, president of the New Orleans chapter of the Louisiana Restaurant Association, told the Feb. 5 committee meeting that his group’s members “do not oppose food trucks conceptually” and believe the two types of operations “can coexist.” But he said food trucks have unfair advantages because, for example, brick-and-mortar restaurants face stricter sanitation standards and inspections than food trucks — a claim disputed by leaders of the local food truck movement.

While it shows that restaurant associations across the country have their talking points in place, it also shows that Mr. Rotner doesn’t realize he is statement is completely untrue. The article continues to explain how Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson wants to have at least one more committee hearing on the issue before the full council votes on it. But why?

Clarkson said her concerns involve guaranteeing the public’s health and safety and protecting existing restaurants, though she said she has not decided how large a buffer zone she wants to require.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many different cities discuss the topic of food trucks, the same old regurgitated untruths will continue to be used by food truck opponents. We understand that there are some that want to protect restaurants with legislation, but isn’t it about time they came up with some new material.