Denton Food Truck Fire Kendrick’s BBQ and More

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DENTON, TX – A food truck caught fire at the southeast corner of the Denton Community Market on Saturday morning, officials said.

Kenneth Hedges, spokesman for the Denton Fire Department, said the call came in at 10:24 a.m. and the fire was put out quickly.

The truck, he said, was in the parking lot near Sycamore Street when the generator on the truck caught fire.

The back of new food truck Kendrick’s BBQ and More was engulfed in flames after a recently fixed generator blew. Two workers inside made it out just in time and a nearby vendor called the fire department. There were no reported injuries or damages other than the truck.

Both workers attempted to extinguish the fire with water, but the smoke and flames only intensified. Bystanders took photos and videos as fire truck sirens were heard nearing the scene.

Firefighters extinguished the flames in less than a minute. Two trucks were on the scene as well as a handful of Denton police officers. Officials inspected the food truck to make sure there were no other outstanding safety hazards.

The exact cause of the fire is under investigation.