ORANGE COUNTY, NC – The Orange County Board of Commissioners passed an ordinance establishing rules for food trucks in the county Tuesday.

The ordinance applies to unincorporated land in Orange County outside of town limits.

Commissioner Penny Rich wanted to extend the time those businesses can operate until midnight, opposed to nine, which was originally proposed.

“If you really want to let food trucks make some money with their business it should be later,” said Rich.

After some discussion, the board decided on 10 o’clock as the latest time they can operate. That applies to trucks operating within 200 feet of a residence.

Food trucks in Chapel Hill and Carrboro proper can operate much later, with many staying open past two o’clock in the morning.

“I think the county is going to be a different animal anyway, I don’t see that it’s hanging out waiting for the bars to close so everyone can get their last bite before they go home,” said Rich.

The ordinance prohibits food trucks from setting up on residential zoned or undeveloped land, unless it’s a private event. Those parked in commercial properties must also leave parking spaces for customers to that respective business.

State law sets some basic health requirements for food trucks but doesn’t mention location or time restrictions.

Commissioner Barry Jacobs said the time restriction would be difficult to enforce.

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