Image from Midtownlunch.com

NEW YORK, NY – The law has caught up to some Midtown food truck vendors, and it means some New Yorkers will not be able to get their favorite cheap lunches anymore.

As CBS 2 Investigative Reporter Tamara Leitner reported Tuesday, illegal parking is the motivation behind the bans.

Vendor Sonia Rodriguez has plenty of regulars, but is worried about business now that she says she has been kicked out of her parking spot.

“They came Friday and they told us if we don’t move, they would shut us down,” said Rodriguez, who operates the Burger Supreme FoodTruck.

Vendors have been parking illegally in the area for many years, but not anymore. The city has begun enforcing restrictions that are on the books.

“We were told to move all the trucks out of the area permanently — no more food trucks on 47th Street,” said Faisal Hosein of the food truck Seoul Food.

The ban affects a one-block area along East 47th Street between Park and Madison avenues, where delivery drivers complain they have a hard time navigating the congested street.

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