Oakland residents will soon be able to stay in town to soothe their food truck cravings. A proposed bill will allow food trucks to operate throughout the city. Up to this point Oakland food truck operators have had to jump through far too many hoops to operate on a daily basis. 

OAKLAND, CA – Off the Grid-style mobile food gatherings might have taken the Bay Area by storm, but here in Oakland, the food truck revolution hasn’t gained much traction. It’s been limited, for the most part, to East Oakland’s vaunted taco truck scene and a handful of high-profile events elsewhere in the city.

But all that may be about to change. The city recently unveiled a proposal for a new mobile food policy that would greatly expand opportunities for local food truck operators. In theory, your favorite Fruitvale taco truck would now be able to set up shop on, say, Piedmont Avenue. And it would become much easier for individual food trucks to get permission to pull up to a metered parking space in Oakland to do business, the way they do in other cities that have a vibrant street food culture.

Gail Lillian, proprietor of Liba Falafel and a pioneer of Oakland’s recent gourmet food truck movement, said she was impressed that the proposal doesn’t “over-legislate the process,” forcing mobile food entrepreneurs to jump through unnecessary hoops. In an email, Lillian wrote, “Oakland has written a permit process that treats food trucks like any other legitimate business, deserving of opportunity, instead of treating them like entities that should apologize for their business models.”

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