SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The team that brought popular food truck market Off the Grid to the Bay Area is creating a new business designed entirely for corporate catering.

Matt Cohen, founder of Off the Grid, which organizes and curates food truck markets around the Bay Area, has launched The Whole Cart, a food truck service that is customizable for corporate campuses.

Its first client is Google Inc., for which it has launched a daily collection of food trucks serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to the 6,000 people on Google’s Mountain View campus.

Off the Grid is designed to support small businesses by bringing together a collection of third-party food trucks. In contrast, the Whole Cart will operate the food trucks itself, but each truck will have its own brand and offer different cuisines. Currently, it is operating 13 trucks at Google’s campus, and by the end of the year, it will have 20 trucks there daily.

The idea came out of Off the Grid’s catering gig at Google’s campus while one of its corporate cafes was undergoing a remodel, Cohen said. The food trucks got great response from Google employees, he said, but to make it a long term service, it needed to add sustainably sourced ingredients, vegetarian and healthy menu items to align with the Google Food Team’s requirements.

Thus, The Whole Cart was born. And it’s a big undertaking for Cohen and his team at Off the Grid. Because The Whole Cart operates all its food trucks, instead of curating others like Off the Grid, it needs to buy and build out all its trucks and amp up its employee count. It has gone from 15 employees when it started catering to Google in May, to now 65 employees as it officially launches as a new business. It will likely have 100 employees by the end of the year, when all 20 trucks are operating on the Google campus.

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