OBERLIN, OH – Some members of Council and the owner of the Oberlin IGA grocery store said expanding food trucks’ access in Oberlin would be a detriment to the established restaurant community.

Leo Braido, the grocery store’s owner, came to the Council meeting Monday to protest changes to the ordinance governing food trucks, saying it would negatively impact his lunchtime sales.

The Council was asked to vote on amendments to the existing food truck law after some vendors requested they be allowed at the industrial park near the IGA, 331 E. Lorain St., on Artino Street during meal times.

But Council President Ronnie Rimbert said the changes proposed were “too loose” for his liking and not what was actually discussed in the planning stages.

“If you’re going to allow it on Artino Street, be prepared for it to come downtown,” Rimbert said. “It’s way too loose, and I don’t know how it got that loose, but I’m very disappointed with it.”

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