OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – One side effect of Oklahoma City’s urban renewal has been a booming food truck industry.

The popular monthly H&8th festival closes out its seven month-long 2014 season October 31, and last month a permanent food truck park opened along NW 10th Street between the Midtown and Automobile Alley areas of Oklahoma City.

The Journal Record’s Molly Fleming reports a second permanent home for mobile meal merchants will soon open across town.

Farmers Market District attorney Bud Scott is working with Farmers Public Market building owners Burt and Jody McAnally to create a food truck park on land they own in the district. The property is directly east of Urban Agrarian, 1235 SW Second St., and northwest of the Farmers Public Market building.

At the new location, food trucks will have access to electrical outlets, grease traps and a gray-water disposal site. There will also be an 80-by-40-foot pavilion with a stage. The area will be dotted with landscaping from Farmers Market District business Pam’s Plants.

The new park is designed to be more family-oriented, with a stage for live entertainment and room for up to six food trucks that can lease a spot for three or six months. It’s slated to open in November at the same time as the new Power House Bar.

Burt McAnally said he and Jody are excited to see the district’s new life. The couple bought the Farmers Public Market building in 2002.

“We’ve dreamed about this,” he said. “Our original vision was not of renovation but of restoration.”

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