If you have any information on this theft, please contact the Edmond authorities to help this vendor get back on the streets.

EDMOND, OK – A popular taco truck disappeared from an Edmond street corner over the weekend. The owner of Little Knight’s Truck says they just want the thief to do the right thing and return it.

A family’s dream came true after years of working in the restaurant business.

“My family just enjoyed it, they just loved it,” said Co-owner Mario Caballeros.

Caballeros says for the last year and a half, Little Knight’s Truck has served up food made with love.

“You know tacos, burritos, people call it here tortas but it’s actually tortas, quesadillas,” said Caballeros.

The Mexican food truck typically sits on the corner of Broadway and Waterloo Road in Edmond, open Monday through Saturday, but when Caballeros’ dad arrived for work early Monday morning, the truck was gone.

The family is offering a $2,000 reward for help finding their stolen food truck.

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