OLATHE, KS – Olathe may soon be welcoming food trucks with open arms.

At its meeting Tuesday evening, the city council reviewed potential changes to the city’s mobile food vendor regulations.

Currently, mobile food vendors are permitted in Olathe only as part of a temporary sales and event permit as stated in the city’s Unified Development Ordinance. The ordinance also states that the sale of merchandise from a vehicle or temporary structure is prohibited.

But as food trucks rise in popularity across the nation, the city has been receiving an increase in mobile food vendor inquiries over the past few years, city staff reported.

Recommendations include allowing mobile food vendors to sell on public parking lots and rights-of-way. A 150-foot setback from brick and mortar restaurants would be required. The sale of alcohol and the use of table and chairs for customers would be prohibited. The hours of operation would be limited to daytime and twilight to prevent the need of illumination.

“This is not an ordinance, it’s just some ideas as we go forward,” planning manager Dave Clements told the council.

Over the next few weeks, city staff will review the recommendations and possibly make additional changes, before creating an ordinance for the council to consider at a future date.

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