what da scoopDallas/Fort Worth, TX – Launching in Dallas/Fort Worth in May 2013 and delivering hand-scooped, premium old-fashioned ice creams fresh from Wisconsin to DFW-area ice cream enthusiasts, What’s Da Scoop? is anything but your ordinary neighborhood ice cream truck.  With the ever-growing popularity of food trucks in the DFW Metroplex and consumers’ expanding palette, What’s Da Scoop?  takes the concept of an ice cream truck to new heights and territory with flavors, cones, toppings and combinations thereof, well beyond traditional basics.

Signature ice cream flavors, to just name a few, include: “Fat Elvis” (consisting of 100% organic banana puree, chocolate chips and peanut butter chunks), “Blue Moon” (a blue ice cream that awakens your inner-kid with its Fruit Loops appeal) and “Espresso Almond Fudge” (a chocolate/espresso bean delight) making this newest addition to the DFW food truck scene a creative, custom flavored, frozen culinary experience.   In addition to its unique ice cream flavors, What’s Da Scoop? offers delectable cones, unique toppings, and creatively crafted floats and sundaes that will satisfy the kids, adults with a sweet tooth and even the gourmet foodie.  Signature sundaes, cones and floats include:  “Blue Suede Shoes” Sundae (candied bacon, Fat Elvis ice cream, chocolate-peanut butter sauce & whipped cream), “Black Magic” Cone (Nutella lined waffle cone, Zanzibar ice cream, Dulce De Leche, sea salt & whipped cream) and customized floats made with Dr. Brown’s Root Beer, Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda, Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry, Coca Cola or Dr. Pepper. 

What’s Da Scoop? is the brain child of Two Trucks, LLC business partners Dain Pool and Jonathan Wagner, who are also the proprietors of Dallas/Fort Worth area’s  The Butcher’s Son and Gandolfo’s New York Deli food trucks.  “I attended school in Madison, Wisconsin,” states Two Trucks, LLC Co-Owner Jonathan Wagner, “and when I moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I really missed that rich, creamy, Wisconsin-style of ice cream, so it’s always been our goal to add an ice cream truck of this unique style and quality to our already successful brands of food trucks.  The weather in Texas makes this a year-round opportunity and what better time to launch than now, as summer is just around the corner?”  In the short period of time What’s Da Scoop? has been in operation it is fast becoming a destination as it serves area universities, businesses, food truck parks, festivals, special events as well as private parties and weddings. For more information log onto, follow or like at:  www.whatsdascoop.com, Twitter:  www.twitter.com/whatsdascooptx or Facebook:  www.facebook.com/whatsdascooptx