While there are some in the industry that don’t like food truck associations, this example is why every area with 5 or more food trucks should consider creating their own. Associations give their members a single voice. They allow discussions with legislators, business and restaurant associations to cover the issues that affect the vendors the most.

OMAHA, NE – Brick and mortar, versus mobility. There’s a new course when it comes to the tension over food trucks in Omaha. For the first time, food truck owners are organizing.

Chicago Dawg House owner Kelly Keegan is leading the effort, starting the first Food Truck Association in Omaha. Keegan has a food truck, in addition to a physical restaurant.

“We’re all a little frustrated with some of the perceived rules, the real rules,” he said.

There’s been growing tension between brick and mortar restaurants and food trucks, largely downtown.

Current ordinance says food trucks can’t park on city streets, so some trucks find private lots while others park and pay the ticket as a cost of doing business.

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