OMAHA, NE – A battle is growing between where and how you go out to eat.

Established restaurants are starting to see the success of food trucks, especially when those trucks pull up just down the street.

The lunch rush is a familiar sight for Brandon Hahn, whose family owns La Casa Pizza on Leavenworth. The restaurant got a food truck to reach more customers.

“There’s the crowd that’s out after the restaurants close. There’s the lunch crowd that doesn’t get, you know, an hour lunch break to go out and get something,” Hahn said.

“I like food trucks. Obviously it’s very accessible, it’s good pricing and it’s very easy,” customer Adam Liberto said.

Hungry people line up for food trucks in the Old Market area, but now some brick-and-mortar restaurants want the trucks out.

“If a food truck wanted to, they could park right in front of my front door and poach customers away from my restaurant simply by parking there,” Hahn said.

Michael’s at the Market co-owner Brandon Henery recently filed a complaint with Omaha police. He said he’s looking at making a formal complaint with the city.

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