MIRAMAR, FL – A collision between a pick-up truck and a food truck has resulted in the death of one woman Friday night.

The collision occurred when a Ford pick-up truck rear-ended a food truck on on the southbound lanes of Interstate 75.

The woman was sitting in the passenger seat of the Catered Bliss food truck when it was hit and she was ejected from the truck and landed on the highway. She was then subsequently run over by the pick-up truck.

Officials said that the woman, who was in her early to mid 20s, may still be alive had she been wearing her seat belt.

“Unfortunately, if she had been wearing her seat belt, she would probably be here today,” said Sgt. Richard Glass of the Florida Highway Patrol.

The driver of the red pick-up truck was treated for minor injuries and released to speak with investigators.

The driver of the food truck was transported to Memorial Hospital Miramar and is expected to be okay.

Authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash.

You can find the original article with video at wsvn.com [here]

Our thoughts go out to the family members of those involved.