PORTLAND, OR – An Oregon food-truck owner and her family nearly had their holiday ruined after a thief a stole all the business’ Thanksgiving profits.


And that’s a big deal for a business that specializes in pies.

“I worked really hard the week leading up to Thanksgiving,” Mary Sheridan, who owns and operates The Honey Pot food truck in Portland, said. “I made as many pies as possible and we did really well.”

Sales plummet for most food trucks at the end of November after the Thanksgiving rush, Sheridan said.

“Things don’t often pick back up until the spring,” she added.  “I was relying on that money to help get me through the winter.”

But when Sheridan returned to the truck Saturday, after taking Black Friday off to rest from a grueling week, she found all the money in the truck, totaling $1,800, had been stolen. A single apple pie was also taken, along with a 10-inch chef’s knife.

“I guess they needed something to cut their pie with,” she joked.

She normally never leaves money in the truck overnight and police told her they had no leads to follow and probably wouldn’t be pursuing the case.

Sheridan decided to vent her frustration by posting a strongly worded letter on her truck shaming the thief. The single mother wanted whoever stole her money to know that they’d stolen not just from her but also from Sheridan’s two young children and from a small business that struggles this time of year.

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