OREM, UT – As the food truck craze carries on, local cities and restaurants are trying to figure out how to address the new traffic and accompanying problems (many of which can be good) associated with the business. Newly organized food truck roundups are popping up shop in parking lots each week from Pleasant Grove to Spanish Fork and everywhere in-between. Cities and neighborhoods are grabbing up time slots it seems, and they’re going quick.

The City of Orem seems to be one of them. Welcoming the trend with arms wide open, the SCERA Center for the Arts has jumped on this business bandwagon and hosted its first food truck roundup on Monday evening.

At least 12 food trucks gathered, including Sweeto Burrito, Corndog Commander, Beli and Green Me, in the SCERA parking lot by its art studio and shop building between 5 and 9 p.m., serving up a variety of food for people from all over Utah Valley. People and food truck owners alike are optimistic for this new, stable opportunity revolving around grub.

“They’re excited, and nearly everyone I talked to from the food trucks were excited,” SCERA Center for the Arts President and CEO Adam Robertson said. “We’re structured a little bit different than other

[roundups]. The food trucks are giving back to the SCERA as well. It’s nice to provide an event for the community, but know that some of these proceeds support the SCERA.”

And the SCERA is not the only one benefiting from this new outreach. With plans to hold the rally every week — including through winter weather — the food trucks look forward to the stability and entertainment aspect the center will bring.

“Historically for food trucks, there’s been a real lack of entertainment. The SCERA is combining those,” Utah Food Truck Association President Keith Crossley said. “The real fear is always when winter rolls around that there might be major dips. We can’t change the fact it’s winter. So, we embrace it with activities like ice rinks and games. We own it and use it in our favor.”

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