Miami, FL – The Original Grilled Cheese Truck, owned by Big Cheese, Inc., a gourmet chef-driven food truck and restaurant brand being rolled out nationally, announced today that it has achieved a major milestone in its expansion plan for the Original Grilled Cheese Truck brand with the completion of its first signed Area Development Agreement (“ADA”). The ADA, part of the Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”), is a comprehensive legal document governed by both state and federal regulators that is given to potential franchise buyers interested in operating a minimum of three franchises.

The agreement with a Los Angeles-based investment group calls for the first three trucks to operate in all of Ventura County and Santa Barbara County and Los Angeles County. As additional franchises are sold, certain limitations on geography will be imposed pursuant to the terms of the ADA.

“We are extremely excited to have executed our first franchise agreement for Los Angeles,” said Dave Danhi, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Big Cheese, Inc. “The signing of the first ADA is a significant milestone for our company and shows the readiness of individuals to join the Grilled Cheese Movement.”

The Original Grilled Cheese Truck has already received over one thousand expressions of interest from individuals throughout the nation interested in acquiring franchises.

“These first three trucks represent the starting point for a rollout of our franchise program, not only on a regional level, but on a national level. Our team is looking forward to supporting all new franchisees of our increasingly visible brand which has spawned an extraordinary amount of press and awards since its founding in 2009,” said Darren Minton, President of Big Cheese, Inc.

This important milestone comes after the launch of the Company’s first food cart in Manhattan, NY under the co-venture agreement with New York-based private equity group, Eastshire Financial, LLC. The beginning phase of the co-venture between the two entities, named BCI-Eastshire, LLC, will produce at least 25 branded food carts in Manhattan. Afterward, the partners may also open several more food carts, pop-up restaurants, kiosks, food trucks and other Original Grilled Cheese Truck concepts.

The Original Grilled Cheese Truck is offering franchise opportunities for gourmet food trucks, micro-retail, pop-ups, kiosks, food carts, and brick-and-mortar restaurants. An important component of the Company’s franchise growth strategy will be the offering of discounted franchise opportunities to U.S. military veterans.  The Company’s recently launched national franchise program is currently approved in 39 states for franchise sales, with significant preliminary interest from prospective franchisees.

For more information regarding franchise opportunities, please contact the Company at: [email protected]