cheesesteak phactoryORLANDO, FL – There are new rules for food trucks operating in Orlando, and not everyone is happy about it.

Paul Pronsati said his new food truck, Cheesesteak Phactory, has cooked up big business for his family.  However, Pronsati opened his truck three months ago– weeks before Orlando implemented its pilot program for food trucks.

“We feel like we’re not being treated fairly and given a fair opportunity to participate in the free market,” said Pronsati.

There are seven pages of rules and regulations for food truck operators, including:

  • Food truck operators must have a mobile food vending permit, which is $50 per truck.
  • They must operate on paved areas, but not inside the “downtown core”
  • Truck owners can operate on some private properties, but only with a notarized letter from the landlord. Properties can only host one truck, one day a week, unless they have a special permit.

“It looks like right now we can only operate six nights per month,” said Pronsati. “We have three locations at night that we use, and two of which look like it will be taken away with the new ordinance.

He’s not alone.

The ordinance states there are 25 food trucks operating within Orlando city limits.

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