flo progressiveORLANDO, FL – Earlier this summer we shared the news of a contest for food truck owners being held by Progressive Insurance. Well it seems there was quite a bit of turnout, and a winner was recently named.

Kim Baxter is the owner of Goodfood, a mobile food eatery from Orlando, Florida. By being named the winner of this contest, the Goodfood trailer is awarded $5,000.

Their mission is to promote a farm to fork diet by sourcing organic, pasture raised, non-GMO products from local farms and Co-ops. Thet hope to use the rig as an educational opportunity to spread the word about healthy alternatives in the way of menu items, bottled sauces, onions, pickles, etc…

So what are their plans with their winnings?

If (when) we win, we will install a fire suppression system, permanently weld the generator and propane to the rig, add graphic vinyl, get a new set of tires and do some much needed welding to beef up the rigs’ frame.

Here is the video they submitted.