OTTAWA, CANADA — Four out of seven food carts that were expected to hit the streets in May have been delayed.

ottawa food cart locations

Philip Powell, the city’s manager of licensing and permits, said three carts have been delayed because they are waiting for a safety inspection.

The fourth cart has been delayed because its business owners are searching for a facility to prepare their food after the one they lined up backed out.

“It’s a new enterprise, a new business for these folks and they are just working through the process,” Powell said.

Gavin Hall hopes to operate BoBites, a cart that has been approved to sell organic baked potatoes with seasonal toppings near Metcalfe and Sparks streets. He said the process of getting up and running has been a roller coaster.

“Everything looks good and then it’s a no,” Hall said. “It’s just these teeny little obstacles.”

Recently he was delayed because he didn’t have a safety certification sticker on his oven, he said.

An oversight by the company Hall bought the oven from led to the delivery of the appliance without the sticker.

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