NEW YORK, NY – Hot dog! The tube-steak throne is hitting the road: Papaya King now has a food truck.

Make that a food and drinks truck. The chain’s juices — the ubiquitous namesake, plus mango, pina colada, “Coconut Champagne” and other flavors — remain the lifeblood of the new endeavor.

“The juices are the supporting actors,” says owner Wayne Rosenbaum, who still touts papaya juice’s ability to balance the lard load of the beef frank or the deep fried Oreos, fried pickles and onion rings also on sale.

Of course, the hot dogs — all-beef, naturally cased, always grilled — are the main attraction at Rosenbaum’s bright yellow truck, whose Midtown locations will be tweeted daily starting June 23.

“We’ll be a tropical oasis in the concrete jungle,” Rosenbaum says.

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