Once again, the Pensacola, Florida city council has rejected a plea from its residents and failed to pass an ordinance that will allow food trucks to operate in town. This time the major objections came from the UWF Historic Trust, a group set on keeping the city in the stone age.

PENSACOLA, FL – Echoing the dysfunction it demonstrated four months ago, Pensacola City Council on Thursday night once again failed to pass a food truck ordinance on a second and final reading that would have seen it codified into law.

The council failed to pass the ordinance that would have regulated food trucks in the city following last-minute opposition raised by the the University of West Florida Historic Trust and a historic district homeowner, despite urging from Mayor Ashton Hayward to see it passed.

The historic district stakeholders pushed to have the council add a restriction to keep food trucks out of the historic downtown district.

After more than an hour of trying to amend the ordinance to satisfy the historic district stakeholders (which it did), the council voted 4-4 on the amended ordinance’s passage, causing it to fail. Council president Charles Bare, and members Jewel Cannada-Wynn, Sherri Myers and Larry Johnson voted against the ordinance as  amended saying it had become too vague.

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