Despite the city council’s reluctance to approve an ordinance that would allow food trucks to operate in Pensacola, the Mayor has announced that vendors will be invited to operate 3 days a week. This type of leadership will certainly show the city council members how much the city residents want food trucks and should get them to reverse their previous actions. There is no reason a city council should prevent an industry from entering their border as a means to protect other business group.

PENSACOLA, FL – A month after Pensacola’s city council punted yet again on a proposed food truck ordinance, Mayor Ashton Hayward announced today he would invite trucks to park at City Hall beginning next month.

Hayward said on social media that food trucks would be welcomed at City Hall’s Main Street parking lot on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays beginning on January 7. The mayor’s office has partnered with Pensacola Cooks Kitchen — the same group which has helped organize food truck rallies in Warrington — on the initiative, said spokesperson Vernon Stewart.

“The mayor, as we know, is very supportive in getting food trucks downtown,” said Stewart. “Opening up the City Hall parking lot to food trucks under his authority is a gesture of good faith on his support for food truck owners and supporters. This was an idea brought up in conversation with City Administrator Eric Olson on how we at City Hall can help facilitate this effort.”

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