PETOSKEY, MI – During a Thursday meeting, Petoskey’s planning commission passed a motion related to food trucks.

The planning commission is recommending the city council consider mobile vending regulations, and wants direction from the council about how the discussion should proceed. For example, the council could ask the planning commission to take on the task or the council could decide on some other course of action.

All commissioners in attendance voted for the motion, and there was a consensus the planning commission would be willing to continue the discussion as long as city council agrees that’s the best next step. Currently, mobile vendors, such as food trucks, can only operate in public places in conjunction with a community event, according to a city memo.

People can conduct mobile operations on private property through what’s known as an accessory use. An example of an accessory use would be a retail business allowing a mobile retail operation on its property, a city memo notes. Mobile vendors can also operate on private lands as a temporary use, which is granted for a specific amount of time and requires the approval of the Zoning Board of Appeals each year.

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